Way of St James

For more than 20 years we organize your pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. You can customize your trip on the Puy Route, the Vezelay Route or the Arles Way in  France but also in Spain and Portugal with our self-guided walking tours on the Camino Frances or El Camino del Norte also called the Northern Way. Make your choice and don't hesitate ...

For more than 20 years we organize your pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. You can customize your trip on the Puy Route, the Vezelay Route or the Arles Way in  France but also in Spain and Portugal with our self-guided walking tours on the Camino Frances or El Camino del Norte also called the Northern Way. Make your choice and don't hesitate to ask for your Camino, the one you are dreaming of ! 


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  • Camino del Norte

    The Camino del Norte or Coastal Itinerary (Northern Route)  follows the Atlantic coastline from Irun to Ribadeo and then veers southwards to Santiago de Compostela.

    Many variants are attractive for hiking and walking lovers like the Camino Primitivo that goes southwards to Oviedo and Lugo and also the Camino Ingles from Ferrol in Galicia.

     Our self guided walking holidays can start where you want. The Camino del Norte is wild and less frequented though each year more popular with highlights like San Sebastian Concha, Gernika, Bilbao. It follows ups and downs from cliffs to Rias and goes round creeks and breaches as those famous “As Catedrais” near Ribadeo. The Roman art in Churches and monuments will adorn your walk all along the Camino.

  • Camino Frances

    The most famous Camino route is "the Camino Frances". The Camino Frances or French Route to Santiago de Compostela starts in St-Jean-Pied-de-Port in the French side of the Basque Country and ends in Santiago de Compostela around 800 km later.   The Way of Saint James, passes through the same villages, crosses the same rivers and visits the same churches and monuments as it did over the last 1000 years. Of course you can choose your departure point and the number of walking days that you want. Many 'pilgrims" complete the Way in several years, each year a few more stages, but quite a large number of them decide to walk it entirely in around 38 days.

    The Camino Frances was proclaimed the first European Cultural itinerary in 1987 and was inscribed on the Unesco List as a World Heritagein 1993.

    This Camino is a spiritual path that while walking opens a space that allows for profound personal transformation well beyond the religious aspect.

  • Camino Portugues

    Hundreds of years old, the Central Portuguese Camino de Santiago takes you from Porto to Santiago de Compostela

    This walking holiday will take you through stunning Portuguese and Galician countryside and villages and exploring

    fascinating historical towns and cities between two UNESCO World Heritage cities.

    The Portuguese Coastal Camino de Santiago offers a wide range of scenery, experiences and flavours as you discover northern Portugal and Spain using a historical and spiritual path

  • The Camino with a van...
  • Bike tour on the...

    The Camino Frances or the Puy Route with a bike! We help you to customize your selfguided trip according to your level in the number of days of your holiday! 

  • Arles Way

    The Arles Way, or the Arles Route starts in the incredible city of Arles which is in itself a real gem !

    Our self-guided walking holidays will start where you want to start! 

    This itinerary continues its way towards Lodeve via the magnificent Saint Guilhem le Desert in the Languedoc region.

    Then the Arles Way goes westward to Castres and crosses the Natural Park of the High Languedoc which enjoys a particular climate and varied landscapes thanks to both Mediterranean and Oceanic influences.

    Then the Arles Route follows the Montagne Noire and the Lauragais up to Toulouse. After the Pink City you will cross the Gers department renowned for its gastronomy and its soft hills...from there you will head towards the Pyrenees and the Somport Pass!

  • Way of Vezelay

    The Vezelay Way or Via Lemovicensis is dotted of numerous sanctuaries like Saint Madelaine, Saint Leonard de Noblat, Saint Front in Perigueux or Saint Martial in Limoges

    The walking itinerary follows the signposted tracks and wooded lands, pastures and vineyards while approaching the Bordeaux and Perigord area and crosses also the largest  pinewood forest of Europe the Landes forest.

    Many rivers that were already crossed in the Middle Age, the Loire River, the Vienne, the Dordogne, the Garonne or even the Adour crisscross the area and give life to the region.

  • Pyrenean Foothill Route

    Self-guided walking holiday along the Pyrenenan Foothill Itineray!

    This walking route follows the Pyrenean Foothill Route up to Lourdes and St Jean Pied de Port along signposted GR78

    A self guided walking holiday with some challenging stages when you approach the Pyrenees passes.

    Some of the stages can be adapted to be easier : ask for more information!

    During this walk you may not meet many pilgrims as on the Puy Route or the Camino Frances but you will discover the walk off the beaten paths in France.

    A few highlights on your way : Carcassonne on the Unesco List, Saint Lizier, Saint Bertrand de Comminges and of course Lourdes and the famous grotto and sanctuaries and St Jean Pied de Port as a final stage.

  • Way of Puy en Velay

    The via Podiensis, also called the Puy Route, is the most famous route of the Way of saint James in France. It starts in Le Puy-en-Velay which has given its name to the route and ends in Saint Jean Pied de Port.

    This walking itineray Way crosses the gentle rolling landscape of the Velay Mounts, the pastures of the Margeride Plateau, here is the region of Auvergne, the heart of France, a place with a rich History. 

    Then the  GR65 crosses the Aubrac Plateau, a rural and authentic area with wonderful scenery and charming villages to finally reach Conques, this marvellous medieval gem unchanged for centuries. The walking footpaths wind their way to Cahors and the Quercy area and then continue southwards through the Armagnac and Bearn to finally end up in the Basque Country and the famous St Jean Pied de Port!

  • Camino Ingles

    The Camino Ingles or the English Way is one of the shortest routes on land to get to Santiago de Compostela. There are two starting points for the Camino Ingles,

    Our self-guided walking tour starts  from Ferrol and reaches Santiago de Compostela in 8 days.

    The distance between Ferrol and Santiago is 110 kilometers.

  • Via Francigena
  • Coastal Way

    This variant on the Way of St James or Camino comes from Soulac, the tip of the Gironde estuary, enters into the Landes area in Sanguinet and follows the coastline up to the city of Bayonne. Our proposal is to start from Bidart near Biarritz down to Hendaye near the Spanish border. The tour is a short self-guided walking tour along the Ocean.